COVID-19 has presented us with an unprecedented challenge. We as Australians are being asked to take measures that we’ve never had to before – things like cancelling travel, not going to concerts and general social distancing.

You may be wondering how this affects your physiotherapy treatment. We at Mi FiZZiO continue to offer quality care for our patients. There are many things we are doing as professionals to minimise risk of exposure through vigorous hygiene practices and patient screening to keep you and our staff safe. So, you are welcome to come in for your treatment, subject to our screening processes.

However, if you are in self-isolation or would prefer to minimise contact in any way, you may like to consult with us via Telehealth. Telehealth uses digital technology that’s readily available on your computer or phone to receive treatment from one of our physiotherapists. It is safe and effective, and our physios are trained to deliver Telehealth consultations.

Initial Consultation
30 mins    $55.00
Follow-up / Standard Consultation
15 mins    $35.00

If you would like to talk to us about implementing or continuing your treatment through Telehealth, please call on 9545 2568.