Welcome to Mi FiZZiO

Mi FiZZiO is a well-established clinic (20-years) located in the Sutherland Shire within walking distance (100m) to and from Kirrawee Station. The practice facilities are contemporary, with a modern, well-equipped rehabilitation gym and individual treatment rooms.

Headed by an APA Tilted Sports, Exercise and Commonwealth Games Physiotherapist and complemented by several other Masters qualified Physiotherapists on staff, you will benefit from first class management of your sports and musculoskeletal injuries.

If you seek quality patient care from a dedicated, friendly and professional establishment please contact Mi FiZZiO to book an appointment.

A doctor’s referral is NOT required to see one of our physiotherapists


Our highly trained physiotherapists, (both clinically and academically), will provide thorough management of your sports and musculoskeletal injuries. Using manual therapy and current evidence-based treatment strategies this will ensure an efficient and successful return to sport, recreation, and activities of daily living.

Staying Steady

Martine Shrubsole and her “Staying Steady” Balance programme aims to provide high quality balance exercise classes which are safe and suitable for most individuals. Martine Shrubsole is a highly qualified (Masters level/Titled Sports and Exercise/Commonwealth and Masters Games) physiotherapist from the local Mi FiZZiO clinic in downtown Kirrawee.